Dundee City Council Environmental Issues

Richard McCready

11 December 2013 

At Monday evening's meeting of the City Council and its committees I spoke on a number of issues linked to environmental issues. 

At the Environment Committee I raised my concerns about air quality in the city. 

I was pleased to see a report which suggests that progress is being made but I was very concerned to note media reports from yesterday that the so-called 'safe' are not safe and that even these 'safe' limits can cause ill-health and even premature deaths. 

I have asked that council officers look at this report published in the Lancet and I will be looking to meet with them to discuss what we can to do to deal effectively with the problem of pollution.

In a linked report the council is looking to launch the Dundee Ecostars Fleet Recognition Scheme. 

This is a scheme which promotes environmental standards and fuel efficiency for operators of lorry fleets. 

I thought that this was a good report and I asked whether the council could use tendering processes to encourage companies to sign up to this scheme. 

Officers of the council are going to look into this and report back to me.

At the
Policy and Resources Committee there was a report on the Marchbanks Recycling Centre. 

Back in August the Administration changed its mind on changes they had made to recycling at Baldovie and Riverside. 

At the time this was said to be in response the concerns of the public.  Bailie Borthwick and my colleague Kevin Keenan highlighted that their constituents still wanted  Marchbanks site re-opened. 

The report stated a variety of statistics which justified the decision already made, but it is clear that no effort was made to listen to the views of the people of the north and central parts of the city. 

It was disappointing that no meaningful consultation had taken place on this important issue. 

The Environment Department needs to consult with the people of Dundee in order to change the city's recycling regime, such a consultation needs to be much more meaningful than this attempt.