St. John's Bus Issue  - Meet the Parents!

Councillor Richard McCready

12 October 2011

Yet again I'm calling for action over the issue of buses to St John's High School.

I'm concerned that so-far the Administration of the City Council has refused to meet with parents.

I am particularly concerned that the Council has refused to meet with the statutory body representing parents namely the Parent Council.

The report which was in the local press this morning caused me a great deal of concern.

I find it hard to believe that the Administration have not agreed to meet Monsignor McCaffrey or parents from St John's to discuss how to find a solution to this problem.

It all begs a very simple question - why?

I am appalled at the lack of action on the part of the Administration.

Why are they refusing to meet with parents?

I am aware that a group of parents from the West End and the Parent Council have been trying to meet with the Education Convener to discuss this issue but they have been refused, so far.

There is a saying that 'it is good to talk.'

I am surprised by the statement by Dundee City Council in today's press that the Council does not subsidise school bus services,

There is a subsidised bus service to St Paul's Academy. (The council report that this costs £44,840 per annum)

The City Council also subsidise a number of bus services throughout the city based on their 'social' usefulness.

Surely buses that take pupils to school serve a useful purpose.

I was shocked at the recent council meeting when Monsignor McCaffrey was ruled out of order for having the temerity to ask about bus transport to schools.

But it is more shocking that the council is refusing to engage with parents.

Parents are the first educators of their children and have an important role to play in supporting the school.

Parents in the West End are trying to support the school by ensuring that their children get to school on time and are able to do their homework in the evenings.

Why is the partnership between the council and the parents not being taken seriously by the council.

As a local councillor I want a solution to this problem, the Administration should meet with parents and be prepared to look positively at ways to secure a bus service to St John's.

Local people, sending their children to a local school deserve no less.