Dundee City Council meetings

Richard McCready

13 February 2012

At the Environment Committee on Monday I raised a number of questions.

I sought more details on a number of tender processes.

I was concerned that there was not enough detail in the reports about Land Service plant, the recycling of recovered materials and the supply of electric charging points.

I also asked about the progress being made at Caird Park Velodrome.

I welcome the investment in the velodrome

I see this as part of the Olympic and Commonwealth Games legacy.

I also asked for an update on the progress of allowing the cycling community in Dundee to have a say in the running of the velodrome.

At the Policy and Resources Committee there were a number of interesting reports.

I supported my colleague Kevin Keenan in calling for more information about the compulsory purchase order proposed for Dundee Waterfront.

I share Kevin Keenan's concern that as elected representatives we have to be certain that we are using public money appropriately.

In terms of the information in front of us today I just do not think that we could be certain that this was value for money.

Labour opposed sending councillors to the CIPFA Conference at the Caird Hall.

Sending councillors to this event costs £395.

I just do not see how this represents value for money.

I do not know how the council can make cuts as it did last Thursday and then say that councillors should be sent to these incredibly expensive events.

I think that the council should really be trying to join with other councils to tell organisations which run conferences like this that the costs of these conferences are ridiculous.


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