Action still needed on air quality

14 January 2015

 Richard McCready


As Labour's Environment spokesperson in Dundee I've expressed my on-going concern about air quality in the city. 

I've raised these concerns about the research carried out by Friends of the Earth Scotland which shows high levels of pollution at Seagate, Lochee Road, Meadowside, and Whitehall Street previously and now I want to see effective action.

Creating the best environment in the city that we can should be a priority for the City Council. 


I know that Dundee City Council is trying hard to take action that will deal with poor air quality in some parts of the city. 


But year after year the same streets are named as the most polluted. 


This is having a real impact on the health and quality of life of people in the city. 


The council should be looking for ways to make a real difference and make significant improvements to these polluted streets.


I will be looking for further briefings on air quality and seeking to take action to make a real difference to the environment and the quality of life for people in the city.   


This is an issue for the City Council but it is also an issue for other parts of the public sector like the NHS as well as businesses, the voluntary sector and the community.


 It is not acceptable for the same streets to be named amongst the most polluted in Scotland year after year. 


People who live and work in these areas deserve effective action to combat pollution.


 I know that my trade union, the GMB, is very concerned about the impact of air pollution on workers who spend their working day outside.