Update on Recycling Changes

14 January 2015

 Richard McCready


On Monday evening at the Environment Committee there was a report on  buying the containers for the new recycling plans for the city. 


I was happy to support the report. 


I asked about progress on the new recycling plans and about the consultations which are meant to be going on. 


I want Dundee's recycling record to improve. 


I want the many flatted properties in Dundee to enjoy a full range of recycling services.


I do think that the consultation should be more meaningful. 


I thought that it was the wrong way round to say that the consultation would take place after the decision was made. 


I am concerned that the meetings which will be coming up are more about sharing what will be happening than discussing what will be happening. 


Essentially no consultation will be taking place.


I was pleased that the Convener and the Director agreed to my suggestion that these meetings will be at a variety of times including during the day, in the evening and at the weekend to try and ensure that as many people as possible are able to attend the meetings.


I think that the lack of meaningful consultation regarding the changes to recycling is a mistake. 


This is a major change that will impact on everyone in the city. 


I think that more efforts could have been made to engage the citizens of Dundee with the process.


I want this policy to succeed but I am concerned that the policy has been undermined by the way in which it is being implemented.