Dundee City Council - Updating Fair Trade Policy

Richard McCready

14 February 2012

As the Convener of the Dundee Fairtrade Forum I welcome moves by Dundee City Council to update its

policy with regard to Fairtrade.

I would like to praise the work of my predecessor as Convener of the Fairtrade Forum, Ann Gammack, who has campaigned tirelessly to achieve a stronger commitment to Fairtrade from the Council.

I warmly welcome this report which meets many of the objectives of the Fairtrade Forum.

I would like to pay tribute to my predecessor as Convener of the Fairtrade Forum, Ann Gammack, who along with others has worked tirelessly campaigning for the council to serve only Fairtrade.

Ethical procurement should be something that is at the heart of what we do as a council.

Whether it is ensuring that local workers get a fair crack of the whip in council contracts or ensuring that tea and coffee producers in the developing world are treated fairly.

I welcome the support for the new policy.

It is important to look at fairtrade in the tendering processes.

The previous Scottish Executive started the process of Scotland becoming a Fairtrade Nation and this has been continued by the current administration.

I hope that this will allow us to make our contribution toward Scotland being declared a Fairtrade Nation later this year.

I am glad to see support for Fairtrade Fortnight mentioned in this report.

Fairtrade Fortnight starts in a fortnight today and in Dundee we will be visited by Masauko Khembo who is a Malwian Sugar Producer.

There will be public events at Dundee University on 28th February at 5pm and the McManus Galleries on 29th February at 7pm, everyone is very welcome.

As well as events at Morgan Academy.

I welcome this report and look forward to the annual report reflecting year on year increases in the use of Fairtrade.

My predecessor as Convener of the Dundee Fairtrade Forum, Ann Gammack has welcomed this new policy by the council.

She said, "Dundee was at the forefront of the Fairtrade Town’s movement in Scotland being the first city to have a Fairtrade policy and the first to declare Fairtrade status in March 2004.

"It’s wonderful to see Dundee City Council now renewing and extending its commitment to Fairtrade.

"As farmers in developing countries struggle to make ends meet is good to know that cities like Dundee are truly committed to ensuring a market for their Fairtrade products."


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