Making Dundee the UK City of Culture in 2017

Richard McCready

19 November 2012

As Dundee Labour's Culture spokesperson I have  today expressed my support for Dundee's bid to become UK City of Culture and hopefully in the fullness of time to become a European Capital of Culture. 

I've been campaigning for Dundee to apply for the City of Culture title since 2009 and has been disappointed at the lack of progress before now.  I'm delighted at the change of heart by the SNP-led Administration of Dundee City Council.  Council. 

I've set up a website to allow people to register their support for the bid.

I am delighted that the council is proposing to support a bid for Dundee to be the UK City of Culture. 

I have been disappointed in the past at the lack of support for these proposals.  It is important that the council fully backs the bid and pulls out all the stops to win this title.

Dundee has a wide range of cultural venues and a vibrant local arts and cultural scene.

It is important that this bid is about the whole city and that it includes and enhances the great work done in all of Dundee's communities by the many cultural agencies working in the city.

People who live and work in Dundee know that Dundee is a great place to live in and work in/

We have got to do all we can to convince the rest of the country to have a look at what is going on in Dundee. 

This bid has to be about promoting culture but it must also be about bringing regeneration and investment to Dundee.

I hope that people will show their support for Dundee being the UK City of Culture in 2017 by visiting the website which I have set up to promote this campaign.

It is important that everyone in Dundee unites behind this important campaign and puts petty party political issues to one side to deliver what is best for the people of Dundee.


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15 November 2012

In the New Year the City of Derry will become the UK City of Culture for 2013. 


The City of Derry has put together a very exciting programme of events which promote the best in local arts and culture in the City of Derry as well as bringing the best of international arts and culture to the City of Derry. 

I was very disappointed that Dundee did not apply to be UK City of Culture in 2013 and therefore I am committed to doing all that I can to ensure that Dundee bids to become UK City of Culture in 2017 and that Dundee wins that bid.

Dundee already has a vibrant arts and cultural scene with Dundee Rep, the DCA, the McManus, the Caird Hall, the Whitehall Theatre, the Gardyne Theatre, the Little Theatre, Discovery Point, the Verdant Works, Sensation, a vibrant amateur dramatic sector, a vibrant music sector, our educational establishments promoting culture and all of this before the V & A at Dundee opens. 


The V & A at Dundee will surely be the icing on the cake for the city of Dundee and having this great British institution in our city must enhance Dundee’s claim to be the UK City of Culture. 

In the longer term I think that we should have the ambition to apply to be one of the European Cities of Culture. 

Bidding to be the UK City of Culture would be good for the entire city. 

I hope that it would encourage tourism and encourage people to visit our city which will create jobs in our city. 

We must also ensure that cultural activity is not just to be found in the city centre, we must ensure that the wide range of cultural activity that goes on in communities across Dundee is maintained and enhanced.

Being UK City of Culture would be good for our city and would tell people outside Dundee about something which we already know that Dundee is a great place to live and work. 

If the City of Derry can put all the complex political issues which exist in that city to one side and politicians can come to together to promote their city it would be a very sad day if Dundee could not follow suit.

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