Dundee’s  bid to be UK City of Culture 2017

Richard McCready

20 November 2013 

Firstly I want to say how disappointed I am that Dundee did not win the bid to be UK City of Culture in 2017. 

I want to congratulate Hull and wish them every success in their year as UK City of Culture. 

I also want to congratulate everyone associated with Dundee's bid who did so much to bring together an exciting programme of events. 

I hope that many of these will still go ahead.

I have been a
long-standing supporter of this bid and I am glad to have played my part in getting Dundee to apply to be UK City of Culture in 2017.

Whilst it would have been good to win I know that Dundee does not necessarily need a title to proclaim what those of us who live there know that Dundee is a UK City of Culture. 

One of the strengths of Dundee's bid was the strong community aspect of the bid. 

As I said in the video here Dundee's bid was for everyone in the city.

The strong partnerships in Dundee have become stronger as a result of this bid and it is important that we build on this and look for ways to ensure that these benefits are not lost. 

I will be looking for the City Council and the Dundee Partnership to preserve all that was good about the bid. 

The bid team with the support of the people of Dundee developed a series of ideas for 2017 and we must look to develop those ideas and deliver some of the imaginative and exciting proposals which were included in this plan.

It is the policy of the council to consider bidding to be European City of Culture in 2022 (I think that's the date)

I think that we should be thinking about this and working with the UK Government to look at the prospects for such a bid.

These are exciting times for Dundee, the Waterfront re-development is taking shape.

I look forward to the V & A at Dundee opening by 2017 and I am sure that this will be a major development for Dundee, Scotland and the United Kingdom.

It is disappointing not to have won the title of UK City of Culture.

However I am clear that Dundee is a City of Culture and I will be campaigning to build on our bid and make sure that Dundee continues to develop for the good of everyone in the city.