Hogmanay in Dundee  

Richard McCready

23 January 2014   

There have been strong expressions of support for some event or a series of events that would mark the New Year in Dundee. 

There has also been strong leadership on this from Councillor Lesley Brennan.

It was good to see SNP councillors Jimmy Black and John Alexander at the meeting and I know that there is support right across the SNP for something to happen at Hogmanay, notwithstanding what some of their members have said publicly.

People are interested in the idea that Dundee should do something to mark the New Year. 

The difficulty is in deciding what form it should take.  

There is nothing to be gained by Dundee trying to imitate Edinburgh with a big concert and a massive firework display

And it’s not about making the City Square a drinking venue for the first few hours of 2015.

The current budget process which the council is going through is horrible and very, very tough decisions are being made, so it would be wrong to be spending on a party at New Year.

Any event should certainly not be funded by increasing social care costs for vulnerable  people and then spending the money on a big party in the City Centre.

Instead, we should be looking at family-oriented ideas

We should be saying that the council has resources and skills that could help support bringing these ideas into reality.