Supporting the IF Campaign

Richard McCready

23 June 2013

Recently, I was delighted to attend the Annual General Meeting of the One World Centre, prior to the AGM business my colleague Sarah Boyack MSP gave a talk on 'Enough Food for Everyone: a Scottish Perspective on Global Hunger.' 

Sarah spoke about the If campaign.

Sarah highlighted that the campaign against global hunger is a moral one.   

Sarah pointed out that tax avoidance is a big issue and needs to be dealt with. 

Sarah also talked about the global impact of land grabs which contribute to global hunger and suggested some comparisons with issues such as the Highland Clearances.

I am a strong supporter of the IF campaign and recently received a briefing from SCIAF on this important issue.

The main point of this important campaign is that there is enough food for everyone IF: 

* the Government keeps its promise to spend 0.7% of national income on aid

* world leaders agree a new treaty to stop tax dodging by big companies

* the World Bank and financial institutions change policies that force poor farmers off their land.


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