Dundee Rail Station

Richard McCready

24 January 2013


On Monday evening I attended a meeting of the Council's Development Management Committee, the main item on the agenda was the planning application for the refurbished railway station.

I have been campaigning for improvements to Dundee's railway station since before I was elected.

I raised my concerns that the West End Community Council had been denied the chance to make their views known to councillors because they had missed the deadline for responding.

I was told by officers and by the convener that it would be against 'natural justice' to allow the Community Council to speak at the meeting.

I was going to raise some of the issues that Community Council were denied the opportunity to raise but my ward colleague, Councillor Fraser Macpherson, raised them.

Instead I sought an assurance from the council officers that this was an appropriate building for this site and that it would add to Dundee.

I was particularly concerned that it would afford a good first impression of our city to visitors and be a pleasant place to use for Dundonians.

I was told that this was the case and that this would be an appropriate building and a major improvement.

I hope that this is the case, the current railway station is a disgrace and while anything would be an improvement we need to have something that is much much better than that.

The proof of the pudding will be in the eating but I hope that architects and planners have got the right solution for Dundee.

On the face of it this is a major improvement.

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