Concern over services - Support for Royal Mail

Richard McCready

24 April 2013

I have met with Royal Mail Officials to hear about changes to their services in Dundee West.  

I was particularly interested to hear about any lessons which have been learnt after similar changes in Dundee East which caused a lot of problems in that area.

I was pleased to listen to officials from Royal Mail. 

I raised my concerns about the changes which took place previously in Dundee East and resulted in many problems with mail deliveries there. 

I wanted to be sure that these changes are properly resourced and that proper consultation has taken place with the workforce and their trade unions. 

I was reassured by the answers which I was given although, as ever, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. 

If anyone is having problems with their mail deliveries it would be good to hear from them. 

I will also be speaking to the trade union in this case the CWU to get their views on the changes.

I support the Royal Mail and think that we should do all that we can to protect it. 

The changes being brought in in Dundee West are in part a response to changes in the market and the growth of the number of parcels being delivered as we move towards more and more internet shopping. 

I think we should recognise that the Royal Mail has the Universal Service Obligation and that it is not a level playing field if other competitors can cherry-pick the profitable parts of the business. 

This is why I was opposed to Dundee City Council giving its mail contract to TNT. We should be supporting local jobs and services. 

It is also why I support the campaign supported by among others the CWU to Save Our Royal Mail.

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