Frank Christie

26 June 2013














I was really sad to hear of the death of my friend, former councillor Frank Christie. 

Frank was a lovely man who was always a great help to me. 

I am glad of Frank's support for my election as councillor for the West End and his support for my candidacy for the Scottish Parliament.

Frank served the city well for over twenty years as a member of Dundee District Council and Dundee City Council. 

Frank was a long-standing and valued member of the Labour Party. 

He was a powerful debater and had a wide-ranging knowledge on political, historical, and cultural issues.

At Monday evening's City Development Committee in a very nice gesture the Convener, Will Dawson, started the meeting by asking Labour leader Kevin Keenan to pay tribute to Frank who was a former Convener of this committee's predecessor.

One of Frank's most lasting achievements in politics was negotiating to secure the return of Discovery.  

This was in many respects the catalyst for the refurbishment of the waterfront.

The photograph above shows Frank speaking in the City Square, with another old friend the late John Henderson in the background. 

I am not sure what the occasion is but it is great to see Frank in his prime. 

Thanks to Helen Wright for the photograph.

I attended Frank's funeral yesterday and it was a fitting tribute to him. 

The final song I think did well to sum up Frank's view on things.


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