Delighted Biomass Plant Binned   

Richard McCready

28 March 2014 

I welcome the news that plans for a Biomass Plant in Dundee appear to have been scrapped. 

 I led the opposition to the plan in the City Chambers and was delighted when the majority of the council followed this lead on this matter.

I welcome the decision not to progress with the Biomass plant.

In some respects I am disappointed that it looks like there will not now be a public inquiry.

It would have been good to ensure that these plans are dead in the water.

I would worry that this would mean that the plans which I opposed could be resurrected at some point in the future.

 I remain clear that these plans were bad for the people of Dundee and that there would have been a detrimental impact on air quality.

I also remain very sceptical about claims made for jobs around this plan.

I am sure that the thousands of people who objected to the plan will be pleased to see that it will not come forward now.

We need to ensure that we remain vigilant and that as a council and as a city we work hard to improve air quality and the environment right across the city.

Dundee City Council also needs to redouble its effort to bring real renewable energy jobs to Dundee.

The time for bluff and bluster is over.

It is now time for delivery.

Where are the renewable energy jobs?