Five Point Plan for Dundee Jobs 

Richard McCready

29 August 2012

Labour in Dundee is continuing to put the city first and campaign for jobs in Dundee. 

Our five-point plan is below:

  • Start construction immediately on infrastructure programmes
  • Guarantee that procurement plans start to benefit local jobs through a radical community benefit approach.
  • Come clean on the status of long-promised renewables jobs for Dundee.
  • Guarantee Dundee has priority for any new funds identified for infrastructure investment
  • Publish an urgent plan for growth and employment for Dundee.

It is important that we put Dundee First and make the case for jobs for Dundee.

Dundee City Council needs to take the lead and use its purchasing potential to invigorate the
Dundee economy. 

The City Council needs to look at bringing forward proposals for construction work for schemes like the replacement Harris Academy and also look towards building other new schools in the city. 

We should also look at bringing forward developments in the waterfront which bring jobs to Dundee. 

The council should also ensure that it uses its purchasing power in the interests of the people of Dundee and develops a policy on community benefit in procurement which allows the council to give local businesses a chance to win contracts from the council.

Labour in Dundee is willing to work with anyone with the city's best interests at heart to deliver and secure jobs for Dundee.


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