Graffiti Damage in the West End 

Richard McCready

30 July 2013

(commenting on an attack of vandalism in the West End yesterday )

These actions are utterly disgraceful.

There is no excuse for this intentional damage which is to be condemned without reservation

 I hope that those responsible for these appalling attacks are caught and dealt with by strong action.

An attack on this scale should be regarded as an attack on the West End Community

Anyone who witnessed these events should contact the police .

Removing the graffiti could prove expensive for the residents and I think that we should find the means that would make it less so for them. 

That's why when I heard from local residents about the graffiti attacks yesterday I contacted the council's graffiti repaid response team and asked that they help local people deal with the problem. 

I knew that they might be inundated with calls so I suggested that they should be proactive and knock on the doors of people who are affected and offer them help. 

I am pleased to say that this is what is happening today.'

Once again I would urge anyone with any information about the graffiti to contact the police. 

There is no excuse for this and it should be dealt with severely.  I know that the police are taking this very seriously and I hope that whoever was responsible will be caught.


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