Changing for the Future Board : amazing scenes at meeting

Richard McCready

31 January 2013

Monday night’s meeting saw some amazing scenes as the SNP group attempted to show their good faith and get opposition councillors to take part in the Changing for the Future Board by attacking just about every opposition councillor.

There was a remarkable debate about the Changing for the Future Board. 

I would point out that the Labour manifesto committed Labour councillors to the abolition of the Changing for the Future Board. 

In the spirit of trying to find a solution, and in the hope of reaching a consensus I put forward an amendment which I thought would deal with the problems that opposition councillors have with the private, some might even say secretive, Changing for the Future Board. 

I moved an amendment which would have opened up the Changing for the Future Board with meetings in public, with the papers published and the possibility of trade union involvement as well as public involvement. 

I tried to get the council to set up a petitions procedure but this was ruled out of order. 

I will be trying to get this back on an agenda sometime soon.

My main point was that the Changing for the Future Board was set up nearly 3 years ago, opposition councillors have raised concerns about it since then. 

The SNP-led Administration has not taken on board any of these concerns. 

We are told that our views would be listened to if we attended, this is rather hard to swallow when the Administration have not budged by a single millimetre in our direction in terms of our concerns about the Changing for the Future Board.

We were then treated to a remarkable amendment from Councillor Jimmy Black. 

Councillor Black had spoken to me earlier in the day about this policy and then broke my confidence by sharing our discussion with other members of his group. 

Councillor Black can rest easy though because tempting as it may be I will not be sharing his views on his colleagues with anyone. 

Councillor Black and many other SNP councillors then made all sorts of ridiculous accusations about opposition councillors. 

This led to Bailies Borthwick and Scott along with Councillor Macpherson leaving the meeting. 

The Labour Group remained but did not dignify Councillor Black's amendment with a vote.

I feel that Labour tonight actually offered a compromise this was thrown back in our faces. 

I am sure that the events of tonight's committee meeting have just gone to show opposition councillors that they are quite right not to take part in the Changing for the Future Board. 

If the intention tonight was to force councillors to attend the Changing for Future Board then it failed spectacularly. 

The SNP won a majority of councillors in Dundee at the last election, this does not mean that other councillors have lost all their rights.



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