Biomass Plant - Time for Clarity

Richard McCready

31 January 2014   

Back in June I moved the City Council should object to the proposals for a Biomass plant being put forward by Forth Energy. 

At the time I was very concerned that the proposals needed to be subject to robust and detailed scrutiny. 

I felt that a full public enquiry was the best option for everyone concerned but it was particularly the best option for the people of Dundee.

I remain unconvinced about the merits of the scheme. 

Earlier this week I was raising concerns about air quality in the city and I think there is no way that the biomass plant wouldn't have a detrimental impact on air quality in the city. 

I also worry about the wider environmental impact of the proposals and whether the fuel would really be from sustainable sources.

After the council's decision back in June the ball is now firmly in Forth Energy's court. 

They need to tell the Scottish Government whether they are going to appeal or not. 

I am surprised that they have not made a clear decision before now and I am calling on them to make a clear decision so that the people of Dundee can have clarity about the way forward.

I think that Forth Energy should make up their minds sooner rather than later for the sake of the people of Dundee